Your past quizzes are your study guides.


Day of midterm:

You will have 75 minutes to take the midterm.


MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TISSUE PAPER IF YOU HAVE A COLD OR ALLERGIES! If you leave the room during the test, you may not reenter the room until everyone else is finished. Next:

1. Don't be late. Doors will be closed after last midterm handed out to seated students. Do not walk in once the test has begun. I will talk to you after class.

2. Have a blank piece of paper-- --8 X 11 white lined binder paper--to be used as your answer sheet. Please--no legal pad paper, graph paper, etc. All answers are to be put on your answer sheet. Have either two #2 sharpened pencils or (two) pens ready--this will ensure that if something happens to one of them, you have a backup ready. Please--no silver, gold, pink, yellow inked ink pens. Black or blue inked pens perfect. One piece of (blank) scratch paper OK. Once you finish with the test, turn in your scratch paper along with your test to me.

3. Understand that if you leave the classroom, you may not come back until the test is over. Should you have a medical condition that makes sitting 75 minutes impossible, see me BEFORE the test day. Once you finish the test, you may leave. However, for winter/summer sessions, class will reconvene after the midterm is finished. I will have the time posted on the white board when we will reconvene. Understand that once you leave the room (should you finish early or leave for any other reason), you may not reenter until everyone else has finished the midterm.

Midterm details:

1. There are 31 total problems which cover all the sections we've gone through beginning with section 1.1 (ending in section 3.4). Many are multiple choice, including T/F questions. Multiple choice questions each 3 points. The exceptions to the multiple choice are:

a. There will be two problems, each worth 5 points, modeled after the homework found in section 1.5 and like the quizzes we took on this same section.

b. There will be four problems, each worth 2 pts., asking you to determine whether an argument is inductive or deductive and then asking you to identify its inference. Based on exercises from 1.3.

c. There will be10 problems, 3 points each, modeled after the homework found in sections 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4. You will be asked to read a passage, identify whether a fallacy is present, and if so, to identify the fallacy. This will not be multiple choice. Should you forget the name of the fallacy but can still identify the right mechanics, you can earn partial credit. For example, if you can't remember the fallacy name "Tu Quoque," but can articulate "finger pointing at someone else/thing doing the same or worse," (and the actual fallacy IS Tu Quoque), you'll receive 2 out of 3 points. Describing the problem will not earn points--you must describe the mechanics found within the problem to earn partial credit.

2. Once you've finished the midterm, turn in both the test and answer sheet. Make sure your name is on your answer sheet. There is no need to put your name on the actual test or scratch paper. You may write on the actual test, but Remember, all answers are to be transferred to your answer sheet. No exceptions. Failure to follow these directions will cost you ten points. Please don't make the mistakes that others have made and answer some of the questions on the test and some on the answer sheet.

Good luck!