Conclusion and Premise Indicator Memorization Technique: Visual, followed by audio (below)


Visual reminders:

Acknowledging that this memorization technique may not work for everyone, since everyone learns things in different ways, I find that this particular technique can be very helpful if you memorize the sentences that I provided below. For me personally, I memorize best by writing things down, sometimes multiple times. Notice that each group of statements seem to poke at a controversial topic, as most arguments tend to do. This may or may not help you when trying to remember the group of statements. However, if you are able to do this successfully, you should then be able to isolate the first letter of each word and hopefully remember the indicator word or phrase that it coincides with. Remember, everything is in alphabetical order. Oh, and I attached some pictures. That should help.

Good luck!

Created by Rachael Ward, summer 2014

15 Conclusion Indicators (listed in alphabetical order)
Accordingly, As a result, Consequently,
Entails that, For this reason, Hence, Implies that,
It follows that, It must be that, So,
Therefore, Thus, We may conclude, We may infer, Wherefore

Animals aren’t capital.
Elephants face horrible injustice.
Isn’t it saThank the wealth we worship.


Premise Indicators (listed in alphabetical order)
As, As indicated by, Because, For, For the reason that,
Given that, In as much as, In that, May be inferred from,
Owing to, Seeing that, Since

Arguably, all boys fear femininity.
Given instances including masculinity,
Only some surprise.



Audio reminders:


Created by Emilee Hunt, Summer, 2014


To be sung--

Conclusion Indicators (Twinkle Twinkle):

It follows that, As a result, Consequently, It must be that, We may conclude, We may infer, Consequently, Thus, Wherefore, Hence, Therefore, Accordingly, Implies that, Entails that, So

Premise Indicators (Happy Birthday):

As, As indicated by, Because, For, For the reason that, Given that, In as much as, May be inferred from, In that, Owing to (Since, Seeing that)