1. All banks that make too many risky loans are institutions that will fail.

4. All things identical to Bromine are elements extractable from seawater.

7. No halogens are elements chemically inert.

10. All ships that fly the Jolly Roger are pirate ships.

13. All unmarried men are bachelors

16. Some organic silicones are things used as lubricants

19. Some stars are giant objects in the Tarantula Nebula.

22. All people who believe Noah's ark lies beneath the snows are people given to flights of fancy.

25. All cities identical to Berlin are cities that were the setting for the 1936 Olympic Games

28. All places there's smoke are places there's fire.

31. All pitchblens are radioactive ores.

34. All books written by John Grisham are novels about lawyers.

37. All times a rainbow occurs are times the sun is shining.

40. Some corporate raiders are people known for their integrity.

43. All persons identical to me are people who like strawberries.

46. All places she wants to travel are places Cynthia travels.

49. No physicists are people who understand the operation of superconductors.

52. All things that increases efficiency are things that improve profitability.

55. Some picnics are events entirely free of ants.

58. All Net surfers are computer buffs.