Tolerance ---------------- -The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights organization, recently launched a site to shine light

on the 350-plus virtual hate groups now active. Features a fascinating self-test where users can search their own hidden prejudices. Trust me--it's quite revealing!

Atomic Clock---------yup. Never be late to class again. Synchronize you computer with the atomic clock.

National Public Radio----One of the best sources for news and entertainment in America.

BBC Online.----------------If you like the news with an accent and a British point of view...

KCSC ------------------- CSU Chico's student owned and operated internee radio station. Find out why it's celebrating its

50th year of operation.

CNN News ------------around the clock coverage

The Washington Post News -----from the nation's capitol. Must read. Excellent writers

The New York Times -----"All the News That's Fit to Print." This is the complete New York Times. Their home page is

continually updated.

The New York Review of Books Intelligent, well written reviews on Literature, Poetry, Essays and more.

New Yorker Cartoons ----The internet's largest searchable cartoon database and best online source for New Yorker cartoons.

Type in a word, and the New Yorker will find a cartoon that corresponds -------------The magazine and more - daily updates on current issues.

The Progressive ----Don't be sucked in by the conservative establishment press! Get the rest of the story here.


Imus on MSNBC - Get the news with an Imus slant ------------- The online magazine.

Corporation anthems -----Audio recordings of anthems from corporations like IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers, among many others. Truly cringe worthy.

Mother Jones ------- Find out why corporations don't like Mother Jones

Newspapers ---------- Online Links to online city and college newspapers, business publications, trade journals, and more.

The San Francisco Chronicle---- Colunmists I use for class can be found at:

Sacramento Bee  ---Money Talk's web site.

Drudge Report ------Only online. Remember your critical thinking skills when entering this site!

The Motley Fool ----Investment news

Transamerica Premier Funds

Accuweather----------One of the heavies in prediction. Just recently expanded its free weather forecasts from 10 to 15 days!